The ones that say work clothes are boring don't know where to shop!

If we look at it, we are at work most of the time, and because we do, we don't want to look the same every day. Feeling good in what you wear motivates and also get's you in the right headspace to get things done. 

From Business Formal to Business Casual

Business formal can be a bit boring sometimes. Most business suits are available in black, dark grey, grey, navy blue and if you are lucky in beige.

The colours on their own don't make the suit boring, but the fact that everyone is wearing the same is. Besides, most suits can be worn to work but are too formal for everyday wear.

Another thing that I started to notice is that most quality business suits can be pretty expensive and because you're only wearing it to work you don't get much wear out of it. 

I personally love items that you can mix and match and wear to different occasions. Besides, I want to buy less and create a sustainable wardrobe with staple items that I can wear all year around. So I started to do some research. 

Capsule Studio 

I have to be honest with you. It was quite a journey. I didn't find what I was looking for. After a while, a brand named Capsule Studio reached out to me and invited me to their first collection launch. And this was the moment, the moment I had been waiting for.

I checked out their website and found what I was looking for, for such a long time. Gorgeous, unique and timeless woman suits different from every single one I had seen before. You can imagine what I thought ... SOLD! 

Getting Dressed for Work 

After meeting the founders of the brand, I started to work

with them as an influencer. I picked out my first suit

and started to play around with it.

I created a styling video where you can see how I styled

the same suit in many different ways. After this,

I got my second one and figured out that you

can mix and match the colours as well.

I started to have fun again when getting dressed for work,

and I want you to experience the same. 

The Perfect Women's Suit

It is time to have fun again when getting dressed for work and these suits are going to make that happen. They will give you that Boss Babe feeling and at the same time give you the comfort you need when you're on the road the entire day. 

Why do you, the business woman that you are, need this suit? 

  • It is a staple wardrobe item.

  • They are super diverse: You can wear them in many different ways.

  • They are made out of good quality material.

  • They have an amazing and flattering fit.

  • They are wearable for every occasion from business meetings to a lunch date with your best friend.

  • You can mix and match different colours and create an entire different suit. 

  • And they are sustainable. Meaning that the suits are made out of leftover fabric to reduce the weight the fashion industry has on the environment and they are also produced in Europe where people get a fair price for their work. 


Are you thinking about them yet, creating amazing and unique outfits with them in your head? I have something that will upgrade that feeling. You can get the suits now with 15% off. Capsule Studio gave me a discount code that you guys can use to get your suit for an even better price.

How does that sound? 

Because the suits are a big hit, they are going fast. A lot of women already got their hands on them so hurry up and get your perfect suit now.  

Fill in your details below, and I will make sure you'll receive your discount code.