The Fashion Fundamentals 

Define Style 

Style is something that is defined by many but also personal to every individual. Everyone has their own style and creates their own combinations. To me, style is something that represents who you are and what you want to show the world. It is a reflection of you.

But ... finding your own style can be a bit difficult. You can feel uninspired, or you don't know enough about what flatters your body type, or maybe creating outfits is something you just don't enjoy doing. The most important thing, when defining your own style, is thinking about who you are and what you want to represent. You need to feel comfortable in what you wear. Meaning, you need to feel like yourself; you need to feel confident and beautiful. 

But how do you define your own style?  Where do you start? How to evolve your style into daily outfits, and how can you create new outfits everyday without buying 1.000.000 pieces of clothing?

Your Style 

I have been there. I have struggled with my style. I love fashion and follow every trend. But believe me, it won't work and not all trends will be for you. Besides, following all trends will blur your own style and make it more difficult to combine those outfits you feel so comfortable and beautiful in. 

I started to keep track of what I was buying and what I actually wore. Besides that, I started to ask myself every day how I felt when I got dressed. This way, I could figure out which outfits made me feel more myself. After a while, I found my own style and build a wardrobe around that. 

Your Wardrobe

Building a wardrobe around your own style is still a bit challenging, but when you actually know what you love and feel good in, it is a lot easier. 

One thing I learned, and I can tell you, it became my rule. Start with the basics because, without your basics, you can't create those amazing, stylish and timeless outfits. You need them because they are the foundation of your wardrobe and they are your outfit base, as the primer for your makeup.

First, I only bought those really cool statement pieces because I thought those items would upgrade my outfits and immediately create fashionable effortless looks. But I was wrong. I ended up with a lot of screaming pieces that wouldn't match together.

Without basics, you can't match those statement pieces. You need them to connect the dots. That's why investing in good basic and creating your own wardrobe foundation is crucial for putting together a sustainable, long-lasting, diverse and effortless wardrobe. 

The next question is, where to get those important wardrobe staples? 


I'm not going to lie, and you can get basic items almost everywhere. Every clothing brand has its own line, but I'm also not going to lie about how bad the quality of a lot of those brands is. I have bought so many white and black tee's that looked amazing but didn't fit perfectly. I could get over that because I thought what to expect for that price. But after washing them 3 or 4 times, the tee's weren't white or black anymore. That was something I couldn't get over because I had to buy new ones every few weeks. This made it a bit expensive. Time to do some research and find some good quality basics that fit perfectly, feel amazing and would hold their colour.

My dad told me about a clothing brand from a good friend of his. The brand is called Mooi! Company. He told me a bit more and I, the stubborn person that I am, took a look myself and fell in love with the brand. They focus on basics only, which allows them to make them perfect. The result is a gorgeous collection of basic items to build your wardrobe with.

I'm a big fan of the brand ever since and have been wearing their pieces nonstop.  

Wardrobe Foundation

It's time to build your own sustainable and diverse wardrobe with the basics from Mooi! Company. 

But why are their basics the perfect foundation for your wardrobe? 

  • They are made out of good quality material.

  • The shape and fit are really flattering.

  • Their service is warm, personal and thoughtfull. 

  • They are your wardrobe foundation and make it possible to create endless outfits. 

  • And they are sustainable. Meaning that the pieces are made out of organic certified or 
    recycled cotton. 
Are you ready to create your own wardrobe foundation and build one that you can use throughout the year without having to buy 1million items?    I have something to get you started, a discount code that will give you 20% off. And that's not all. At the end of October, they will launch a new collection, with some really gorgeous and transitional pieces.

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