NA-KD Fashion - Matching Sets 

A summer trend that makes your life so much easier. 

Summer Trend: Matching Sets 

This blog post is in collaboration with NA-KD Fashion and is all about one of the biggest trends this season: Matching Sets.

Matching sets is one of the biggest trends of summer 2021. Especially linen and cotton short and button-down sets are super popular. I have seen so many different styles, prints and colours and I love it!

They are so easy to style, and you look put together right away. Throw on a cute set, put on some cute sandals, add some jewellery and a statement bag, and you're done. 

Mixing it with other trends makes it even more fun. You can combine the colour blocking trend by mixing different matching sets and creating a new one with a colour blocking effect. You can also add a pop of colour by styling a neutral coloured set with colourful accessories. 

I have created a list of my favourite styles for summer. You can find my favourite ones down below. 

All sets are from NA-KD Fashion. Keep in mind most sets are sold separately, so make sure you order the top and bottoms. You can shop with 20% off when you use code 20XBBYLJ at checkout. All sets are linked down below. 

The Linen Set 

The linen sets are perfect for summer. This airy, lightweight material is perfect for those hot summer days. They also look very chic with a casual touch. Linen is perfect for almost every occasion. I personally love this material. It's a beautiful summer fabric. I linked all my favourite linen sets from NA-KD down below. 

Shop the adorable set I'm wearing in the left photo here. 

The Cotton Set 

Another perfect set for summer. Cotton is a breathable fabric and, therefore, really comfortable to wear during a heatwave. One of my favourites is the long trouser style. This style has a little bit more chicness and is perfect for day-to-night styling. For example, a cute basket bag and some sandals during the day, and a pair of sexy heels, some jewellery and a gorgeous bag for dinner at night. I linked some of my favourite cotton sets down below. 

Skirt Suits

Skirt suits are soooooo cool. At least that's what I think. They make you feel like a boss but with a feminine touch. I love to style them with chunky sandals, platform boots or with a square-toe heel. Another matching style but with a totally different vibe than the ones I told you about. I linked a few gorgeous ones down below.

Don't forget to use my code 20XBBYLJ for 20% off! 

The Comfy Set 

This is the best one, right? The comfy set is always a good idea no matter what season it is. The comfy set is available in so many different styles. I personally love a good knitted set but I'm also here for a jogger set. The thing about these is you can wear them inside the house but also out. I recently purchased the one on the left and it's my new favourite.

Shop it here. 

Summer Suits 

In my opinion the most versatile one. I love blazers and smart trousers, so I wear them a lot. If I buy a suit I know for sure I'm going to wear it often, if not together then separately. This is why I'm a big fan of suits. Of course, you can wear all sets separately, but for me, someone who wears a blazer almost every day, a suit is never a waste of money. Besides you can wear it for work as well. So you can not only style it differently, but it's also versatile when it comes to occasions you wear it too. I linked a few stunning suits down below. 

Short Suits 

Bermuda shorts have been a trend as well, so short suits had to mentioned in this post. I really like this style. It's a more playful way of wearing a suit. It looks less formal but still chic and put together. I linked a few of my favourites down below. Don't forget to use code 20XBBYLJ for 20% off your entire order. 

Skirt Sets

The girliest of all and the one with the real summer vibe and feeling. If there is one kind of matching set that you can find in a million styles, it's this one: all kinds of prints, patterns, fabrics, lengths, different style tops and skirts. There is literally a skirt set for everyone. Well, if you love to wear skirts, of course. You can find my favourites down below. 
As you can see, I'm a big fan of this trend. How about you? What is your favourite matching set, and which style would you wear the most?

Let me know! 

Don't forget to use my code 20XBBYLJ  when shopping at NA-KD Fashion. My code gives 20% off your entire order.