4 ways to style a Graphic Tee - FOLC Studio
20 maart 2019 

4 ways to style a Graphic Tee - FOLC Studio

My Instagram feed is a lookbook of my everyday outfits. Mostly shown to you through pictures, but I wanted to do something different, a combination of photos and a different kind of content. The most important thing for me was, the value it would bring you. I wanted a type of content that brings the outfits to life, explain and show you how my outfits are coming together.

I have made a few styling videos and shared them with you on my IGTV. With my blog, I want to create an online place to shop the items or similar pieces I wear in my videos.

4 ways to style a Graphic Tee – FOLC Studio

This Styling is about 4 ways you can style a graphic tee. I think it’s important to wear your items more than once and enjoy wearing them with different outfits. This is why I love to create videos where I show you in how many ways you can wear the same item differently.

I bought this tee at FOLC Studio, one of my favourite online boutiques. What I love about them, is their eye for trends, staples and statement pieces. Another great thing is the way that they’re always asking their clients what they want and act on that. They’re also changing up their collection allot what makes it exciting to shop there!

Check out the video down below and see how I wear one Graphic Tee with four different outfits. I also linked similar pieces and items from my outfits down below, for when you want to recreate one or more looks I styled in my video. Let me know what you think about the video and the outfits differently would love to hear what you think!

1 Comfy all day, every day!

2 Casual Part One

3 Going out

4 Casual Part Two

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