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07 maart 2021 
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BLONDME - Schwarzkopf |

BLONDME – All Blondes Lights 

This blog post is for my blonde Girls. I’m going to talk about the new release of the BLONDME collection from Schwarzkopf. A new collection with a product range for every blonde there is because we know every blonde is different. This blog post is in collaboration with You can get all the BLONDME products at

BLONDME – All Blondes Lights 

Proud to be Blonde

A little bit more about me being blonde: I’m a natural blonde, and I think everyone goes through this phase, but I wasn’t always happy about that. Especially during my teenage years, I wanted dark brown hair. After complaining about my hair over and over and trying to die it myself, I made the appointment at the salon and went for it. Dark brown it is. I can tell you now, NEVER again. Every time I looked in the mirror or saw myself somewhere in a reflection, I startled. I had to wear a lot of makeup to not look sick because of my light skin tone, and I just wasn’t feeling myself. After this and finally getting back to blonde, I became a Proud Blonde.


Now you know a little more about my history with my blonde hair, its time to go back to the new release of the BLONDME collection. send me one of the product ranges. I have very flat and sleek hair. I quickly lose my volume, and it’s not that easy to style. Because of this, I must use lightweight products that will increase my volume and makes styling easier.

This made me the perfect fit for the ‘All Blondes Light’ products from the BLONDME collection. The range contains a shampoo, hair mask and conditioner hairspray. I have been using them for almost 2 weeks now, and I have to say I’m in love. My hair feels amazing, shines beautifully, and smells delicious.  After using it one time, I already saw a difference. You immediately see your hair glow. I also have more volume, and it stays that way during the day. I’m thrilled with the results and will continue using the products.

BLONDME – All Blondes Lights 

BLONDME – Product Ranges

Every blond is different, so you probably don’t have the same type of hair as me. Down below, I made a list of the other product ranges with a short description of what they do and which hair type fits those products. This way, you can find the perfect BLONDME products for YOU.

All Blondes Light

This set consists of a shampoo and a spray conditioner. The products are lightweight so that they don’t overload or weigh down your hair. This way, you won’t get sleek and flat but smoothly and airy with more volume. This formula makes your hair up to 85% stronger by strengthening the inner hair structure. It will give your hair up to 90% more volume, and it gives it a beautiful shine. The formula is enriched with Panthenol and Mulberry Silk Protein Complex. The Light Set is suitable for fine to normal blonde hair.  More information about the All Blondes Light Set.

All Blondes Rich

The All Blondes Rich set contains a shampoo and a conditioner.  This product range nourishes and strengthens your hair and makes it healthy and smooth. It restores your hair from the inside. The formula contains a 3D Protein Complex called the Cashmere Protein Complex and is sulphate free. The All Blondes Rich products are especially for blonde hair that is normal to coarse, unruly or thick. More information about the All Blondes Rich Set.

All Blondes Detox

The Blond Me, All Blondes Detox Set, is a purifying treatment for all hair types. It Purifies your hair gently and removes impurities. It will make your hair healthy and radiant blonde colour. The products are enriched with  Nordic Cotton Protein Complex and Moringa seed extra and soy protein. It strengthens the inner hair structure, unclogs pores and soothes the scalp. More information about the All Blondes Detox.

Cool Blondes Neutralizing

This set contains a shampoo and a spray conditioner that neutralizes the yellow tones in your hair without changing your own hair colour. I also make your hair stronger and softer and refreshes your blonde hair colour. It has a 3d bond creation technology and enriched with velvet Flower protein complex. The Cool Blondes Set is suitable for blonde girls with light bleached hair who wants to neutralize yellow tones. More information about the Cool Blondes Neutralizing set.  

Blonde Wonders

The Blond Me Blonde Wonders Set is an extra treatment and protection that you can add to any BlondMe product range. And it is suitable for every hair type.  It gives an extra layer around your hair which protects against external influences. It repairs split ends and makes your hair shine and super soft. The formula is enriched with the 3D Bond Creation Technology and has a UV filter. It strengthens the inner hair structure and has a get protectant up to 210 degrees Celsius.  More information about The Blond Me Wonders Set. 

BLONDME – All Blondes Lights

I have been collaborating with for some time now, and I became a big fan of the brand. You can shop all your favourite hair and also beauty products easily one their website. The BLONDME products are also available on their website. I left a link for you down below. If you have any other questions about any products on their website, they love to help you get the perfect products for you!

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