16 december 2020 


Holiday Gift Guide – For Her

It’s almost Christmas, that means gift shopping. I always think it’s a bit overwhelming because all the shops are offering great deals and besides that what do you get someone you love? If they have something they really want on their wishlist and you know about that it’s pretty simple, but mostly that’s not the case.

My first Gift Guide this year was all about Local and Small Businesses because especially this year it’s super important to support your local community. This one, my second Gift Guide of 2020, will be all about gifts for women of all ages. I hope this helps you out the last few days before Christmas. If you already got all your gifts or decide to get one from my Gift Guide, let me know what you got your loved ones! I would love to see it! This blog post contains affiliate links.

1. Beauty

  1. FOREO UFO Mini
  2. John Beerens – Exclusive Advent Calendar
  3. Oase Hair Vitamins (Use discount code FLOOR20 for 20% off) 
  4. Her Favourite Parfume
  5. FOREO LUNA Mini 3 
  6. Good Molecules Skincare
  7. FOREO Masks
  8. Rituals Gift Set 
  9. Gift Card from your local Beauty Salon 
  10. Hairstyler from John Beerens 

Gift Guide For Her

2. Jewellery

  1. Cluse Gift box – La Tétragone Watch Hexagon Bracelet Rose Gold Colour
  2. iDeal of Sweden Fashion Bracelet Silver (Use Discount Code BBCSHOLIDAY for 15% off) 
  3. My Jewellery – Gold Chain Necklace 
  4. Lott Gioielli – Gold Initial Ring
  5. Zinzi – Silver Chain Bracelet 
  6. Agapé – LUNA NECKLACE
  7. My Jewellery – Zodiac sign Necklace 
  8. Lott Gioielli – Golden Bracelet 
  9. Unwritten Stories – Golden Chain Link Earrings 
  10. Zinzi – Square Roman Gold  Watch 

Gift Guide For Her - Jewellery

3. Home Decorations

  1. Geurwolkje – Scent Diffuser (Use code Floor10 for 10% off)
  2. Jo Malone London Candles
  3.  H&M HOME – Marble Bol 
  4. TOM FORD Table Book
  5. Geurwolkje – Scented Oils 
  6. My Jewellery – Christmas Ornaments 
  7.  ZARA – Discovery Scented Candles Set 
  8. Dior – Legendary Images Tablebook DIOR 
  9. H&M Home – Lady Shape Vase 
  10. ZARA – Basic Cook Set 

Gift Guide For Her - HOME

4. Accessories

  1. Corlin Eyewear – Sunglasses (Use code Floor15 for 15% off) 
  2. iDeal of Sweden – Phone case available in different prints (Use code BBCSHOLIDAY for 15% off)
  3. Public Desire – Boots 
  4. Inyati – Elody Top Handle Bag
  5. A Bag from iDeal of Sweden new Bag Collection (Use code BBCSHOLIDAY for 15% off) 
  6. Marcez – Teddy Bucket Hat 
  7. Zara – Detailed Bralette Set 
  8. Mango – Grey Beanie 
  9.  Marcez – Braided shoulder bag
  10. NA-KD Fashion – Two-Toned Chunky Scarf 

Gift Guide For Her

5. Clothing

  1. NA-KD Fashion – Big Collar Fluffy Coat
  2. Mango – Activewear 
  3. Understatement Underwear – Miss Tease Set (Use Code floor20 for 20% off)
  4. Marcez – Sparkly belt blazer dress
  5. Zara – Oversized Blazer 
  6. Understatement Underwear – Blanche Set (Use Code floor20 for 20% off)
  7. Mango – Classic Trenchcoat 
  8. NA-KD Fashion – Raw Knit Polo
  9. Mango – Cropped Blazer 
  10. H&M – Knitted Dress 

Gift Guide For Her - Clothes

6. Local Gifts

Especially this year, it’s super important to shop local and support the community. Buying from Local and Small businesses make a huge difference for them. I made a Gift Guide, especially for Local and Small Businesses. Underneath you can find a selection of the pieces that I love. If you want to see more check out my “Gift Guide – Small Business Gift Guide”.

  1. Mooi! Company 
  2. Oh Ruby 
  3. The Golden Webshop
  4. Capsule Studio
  5. MOOYS
  6. GlowBabes
  7. De Buurvrouw Gorinchem
  8. Fashion Kartel 
  9. De Buurman Gorinchem
  10. Dots Concept Store 


If you want some more gift inspiration, make sure to read my Gift Guide – Small Business Gift GuideGift Guide for Him and Personalised Gifts Gift Guide as well!

Holiday Gift Guide – For Her

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