12 november 2018 

5 "Shades" You Need This Fall

A new season means new trends. I’ve picked five of my favourite trends for this season that are worth to spend your money on. 

1. Plaid 

Plaid is everywhere. It has been a fall trend for a few years in a row now and I think it’s here to stay. You can’t walk into a store without seeing it. I personally love it. Especially plaid blazers. I love blazers in general but plaid blazers are a real must-have during fall. What I love most about this print, is that it’s timeless and you can style it with so many items. You can see this as a basic within your wardrobe. A real stable piece. I wear them with, cute skirts, mom jeans, leather trousers, girlie dresses and even with some chunky sneakers. You can’t go wrong with plaid. Trust me you’ll wear it over and over again! 

2. Neon

Neon is for sure one of the biggest trends this season. You can find it on every runway and in every store. At first, a was surprised that this was going to be a thing. I’m one of those girls who loves black, white, grey and natural coloured clothing and mostly stick to that when shopping. So, you can imagine I had to adjust to this trend. After seeing my favourite bloggers and celebs with Neon, I started to love it. Your outfit immediately stands out, in a good way. Besides, you can have anything fashion related in neon these days.  If you want to be subtle, you can add some neon accessories to your more casual styled outfit. If you want to dive into this trend, go for some oversized sweaters or even a neon coloured dress or coat. 

3. Animal Print 

Animal print has been here every season this year and is here to stay.  I have seen a lot of animal print. This print is available in every shape and colour palette. Also for this trend, you can incorporate it subtly into your everyday style by adding some cool accessories. If you want to go wild, you can choose to wear a cool dress, suit or cute co-ord with this print. One thing is for sure, you will see a lot of this print this season. In my opinion, it’s one you need to incorporate in your wardrobe. 

4. Power Suit 

The pantsuit has been here for some time now. Women all over the world have been rocking this look. What I love about pantsuits is that they make you look powerful and feminine at the same time. I think pantsuits are bold and sexy makes a fashionable statement. As you already know I love blazers, so a pantsuit is a perfect fit for me. If I’m honest, not everyone can pull this look off, but you can definitely play with it and style it the way you like it.

5. Sparkles 

Other things I’ve been seeing a lot on the runways and in shops this season are sparkles and shiny fabrics. This is always a thing because party-season is around the corner. But this year you can also wear these prints as casual wear. From sparkled dresses, blouses, tops and skirts to oversized jackets, knitwear and even co-ords and pantsuits. This print is approved for almost every occasion. I’m not a big fan of many sparkles, especially not for everyday wear. But shiny accessories or a statement blazer are pieces I would love to incorporate into my wardrobe. 

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