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I’m a big fan of one toned outfit’s. I think they look gorgeous and you can tell a certain story, by choosing a colour that fits your mood. It makes your outfit look so put together and stand out. 


| Blouse: FOLC Studios| Skirt: Primark | Shoes: H&M | 


For this look, I chose different brown tones. A perfect colour for summer and a colour what makes my skin look more tanned. I don’t know how but my skin is really pale, so if an outfit can make my skin look more tanned it’s a keeper. 


Brown Tones


One of my favourite pieces of this look is the blouse. It’s from FOLC studios and I love that its oversized with big ruffled sleeves. It is really comfortable and the colour is beautiful. It is last season but I’m still in love with it. 


One toned outfits


When I style a one-toned outfit I personally think it is really important that the colours are similar but not the same. So the colours need to be different. Besides that, I have one rule. You need at least one piece that stands out. This can be because it has a lot of details ore because the colour is much darker or lighter than the other pieces. This makes your outfit still, a one coloured masterpiece, but it doesn’t get boring! 

What do you think about one toned outfit’s and what are your rules for styling them?

Underneath you can find some links to similair pieces.


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