Cardigan weather again
24 augustus 2018 

Cardigan weather again

The weather is changing in Holland. It’s chilly in the morning and the temperature drops faster in the evening. The perfect weather for cardigans. What I love about cardigans is that you can wear them on a knit, cami, t-shirt or blouse. It’s the perfect fashion item to complete your look or make it more bearable when it gets colder. I’m one of those girls who is always cold, so you’ll find a lot of cardigans in my wardrobe.


For this look, the cardigan has two goals. First, it’s a piece that completes the outfit and second, it keeps you warm when the temperature drops.

Out of all type of cardigans, I like longer ones the most. This because they are bigger and warmer. Besides that, you can easily wear them as a dress what makes them, a more diverse piece in your wardrobe. They are a real stable piece.


I was in the mood for a more casual and comfortable look, so I went for this soft cardigan from Zara. I’m wearing light blue jeans also from Zara with a sleeveless turtleneck top. The cardigan makes the outfit look put together and kept me warm. As I was going for a comfortable look, I chose white sneakers from Nike. They are my absolute favourite at the moment.

How do you style your cardigan and which kind of cardigan do you like the most?


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