Comfy Dress Up
comfy dress up

When I go out with friends, have a date night with my boyfriend or when I have the time for it, I love to dress up. What I love even more is when I can dress up in comfy clothing. Let’s be honest not everything that’s comfy is perfect for special occasions. Most of the time think that are perfect for that nights and parties are not comfortable at all. Heels and a dress that keeps on crawling back up.  Do you know what I mean? But going out in joggers is not always a great move. When I was going out with my lovely boyfriend, I put the perfect outfit together that is comfy and perfect for a night out.

I’m wearing a satin slip dress with a black cabled sweater on top of it. That made the outfit both comfy and feminine. I love this look. With the heels, it’s perfect for date night and with some sneakers its also perfect for a regular day.

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