Deciding which hairstyle for fall
08 oktober 2018 

Deciding which hairstyle for fall

I’m always struggling with, which hairstyle I would like to have. I seriously dream about a magical machine that can give you another hairstyle every day. Short hair, long hair, curly hair, brown hair, red hair and of course blond hair, love them all but I can’t decide.

A Different Hair Colour

A few years ago, I tried to dye my hair. As a result, I got orange hair and cried my eyes out. Luckily, my hairstylist could fix it. I finally got the colour I wanted but I wasn’t sure about it. Because I have blond eyebrows, blond lashes and a pale skin, I felt the need to wear makeup all the time. The dark colour made me look even paler. Sometimes I thought I looked like a witch on Halloween. That’s when I decided to put high lights in to make the overall colour less dark.

Short Hair VS Long Hair

After this adventure, I tried to go darker again, but never as dark as then. I also thought about getting curls and cutting my hair short. I never did the curls because they couldn’t give me the insurance it would come out as I wanted. Also cutting my hair short was a bumpy ride. I was always afraid that I would regret it. After years of thinking about it, my boyfriend convinced me to do it. First I loved it, the next day I cried about it, a week later I accepted it and two weeks later I was obsessed with it. Instead of cutting it every few weeks, I left it to the point that I’m now scared to cut it again.

What do you guys think I should do? Should I cut it again or leave it as it is? If you have other gorgeous hairstyle ideas, let me know in the comments down below.


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