Denim Biker Shorts

| Blazer: Asos | ‘Biker’ Shorts: Primark | Shoes: Zara | Bag: Zara | Earrings: FOLC Studio | Belt: Primark |

Biker shorts are a huge trend right now. They have been since last summer and are here to stay, at least for a little longer.

What you see is a transformation from just one coloured basic biker shorts to printed and crazy coloured ones. Besides that, de biker shorts became a wardrobe staple. You now have a pair suitable for everyone. And what happens when something becomes crazy popular but not everyone is actually that into it? People are going to create new styles to make it suitable for them.

This also happened with the biker shorts. You not only see them in all kinds of colours and prints you now have the same type of shorts in different types of materials. One popular style is the denim biker shorts. The shorts are the same length as biker shorts and are also as tight as them. The only thing that can be different is that they have pockets, a zipper and a button. If you are not that into biker shorts because they are tight and have no details around your waist, try out denim biker shorts. They are easier to get used to because they might give you the idea of wearing shorts. Don’t forget, always wear what you love and feel comfortable in!

How I love to wear (Denim) Biker Shorts

Nowadays you have both shorts in every colour. I love the light blue and black ones. You can style the shorts in many different ways. I love to style them with an oversized blazer and some feminine shoes. I also love to wear them with an oversized white shirt or sweater. Complete the look with a pair of chunky sneakers for a more effortless, comfy look. I linked some of my favourite Denim Biker shorts down below.

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