Get Autumn Ready - Autumn Trends and Wardrobe Staples
27 oktober 2019 

Get Autumn Ready - Autumn Trends and Wardrobe Staples

Autumn is (finally) here, so we need to get our wardrobe Autumn Ready. I love summer, don’t get me wrong but I’m just a big fan of the seasons, and at a certain time, I start to feel like the season need to change. So although I love summer dresses, sunsets, cocktails and the smell of sunscreen, I thought it was time to get Autumnal. In this blog post, I’m talking about the staple pieces and trends I think you need to get and implement into your wardrobe to get it autumn-ready.

A lot of pieces I think you need to have in your wardrobe are pieces you can either wear throughout the year or wear at least two or three seasons. In this post, that is no different. You know I love to play around with pieces and wear them differently. So I also want them to be versatile in the way that you can wear them more than just during one season. I also talked about some real autumn pieces. In this blog post, you find a mix of Autumn clothes, shoes and accessories.

1. Chunky Boots

Chunky boots are an autumn/winter wardrobe staple. They are comfy and perfect for those rainy days. I personally love the platform ones. If you want to invest in a good pair of Chunky boots, you can get yourself a pair of Dr Martens. If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can also go for the affordable version. So many high street stores have a chunky boot in their autumn/winter collection.

I think you can wear them with anything and a piece you can invest more money on without regretting it later. You can wear these boots underneath shorts, jeans, midi skirts, dresses and so on. I love girly dresses with chunky boots. I’m a sucker for the big contrast is those type of outfits. I linked my favourite Dr Martens down below, and I also linked some of my favourite chunky boots on the high street.

2. Vinyl Coat

Vinyl coats are everywhere at the moment. You have already seen vinyl pieces in fashion the past year. Pieces like vinyl bags and shoes with vinyl details. This season the vinyl coat became a thing. I must say I love this trend. They are adding a unique appearance to your look, which I like. I still need to add one to my wardrobe, but I have done some research and got some outfit inspiration to implement one into my wardrobe as well. I think these coats are statement pieces that can easily upgrade and complete your outfit. What do you feel about Vinyl Coats? Check out my Vinyl Wishlist down below.

3. Midi Skirts – Printed & Plane

Midi Skirts are actually an all-time staple. You can wear Midi skirts during spring, summer, autumn and winter. It’s a must-have piece in your wardrobe that you can wear throughout the year. When I’m shopping for autumn/winter midi skirts, I always look for more darker colours and or prints. Besides that, I always look for thicker materials and materials with more texture. When I fall in love with a thinner skirt, I wear a Thermo legging underneath to keep me warm. This way I can wear my lightweight and airy summer skirts during autumn/winter too.

Midi skirts are just perfect for a girly, chic, feminine and casual appearance. I love to wear them with heeled boots, sneakers, chunky boots or a pair of heels for a night out. If you are looking for a real all-time wardrobe staple, I would say get a satin midi skirt in black and nude. If you want to add a midi skirt with a print too, go for a print that doesn’t scream a particular season. Also, find a material that is not to thick or to thin. I linked a few of my favourites for this season down below. I also added some all-time wardrobe staple midi skirts.

4. Oversized Blazers

Blazers, I loveeeeee blazers! They are my favourite wardrobe staple. They also get your wardrobe Autumn ready. If I don’t feel my outfit, I add a blazer, and it’s all oke. Oversized blazers, oversized pieces, in general, are booming in the fashion industry. I have to say I’m also a sucker for oversized pieces. First of all, they are so comfy, and secondly, they look cool! An oversized blazer can give your look a more street style kind of vibe and also adds some coolness to your outfit.

5. Square Toe Boots

Yes, square toe shoes! Another obsession and they made a comeback this year. This summer the square toe heel became a thing again, and I have worn so many square toe heels this summer. So it isn’t a surprise I also love the square toe boots for autumn/winter. I think square toe shoes are so chic, elegant and beautiful. I’m still searching for the perfect pair, so this blog post is helping me to find and order my favourite square toe boots for the upcoming season. I already get excited thinking about all the outfits I’m going to wear with these fantastic boots. Are you also a fan of square toe shoes, or are they not your thing?

6. Headbands

Headbands are, in my opinion, one of the cutest and practical hair accessories there are. Why? Because they look so cute and also make sure my hair is out of my face. For Autumn you’re looking for more autumnal colours and prints like brown tones, ocher yellow’s, reds, oranges and darker pinks. Also, look for gold details and elegant patterns.

7. Knitwear – In all Shapes and Sizes

Knitwear may be the comfiest category in your wardrobe alongside sweats and pyjamas. And they most certainly get your wardrobe autumn-ready. There is one thing I love to wear on cold and rainy autumn/winter days, and that is a cosy and soft knitwear two-piece. I recently got one from Molly Bracken, and that one is amazing. I’ll link in down below. But besides knitted two-pieces, you also need to invest in a knitted high neck dress, an oversized cardigan and not to forget a big and cosy sweater.

If you love knitwear as much as I do you can go all the way and get yourself a knitted midi skirt and some chic pair of flared trousers. I think we can all agree that knitwear is one of the comfiest things to wear and during autumn/winter I think almost everyone wants to be cosy and comfy. If you’re searching for some quality knitwear you should take a look at Molly Bracken, Mango, H&M but also Pretty Little Thing, Zara, NastyGal, Asos, TopShop and Missy Empire are killing their knitwear collections!

8. Trenchcoat(s)

Another staple you can wear every season is the Trenchcoat. It all depends on where you live and how much the weather changes with the seasons. In the Netherlands, the summers are getting warmer and warmer, but winters are not that cold at all. So if I go somewhere in my car and know I go inside almost straight away, I also wear a trenchcoat during winter. I also take it with me during summer for when the temperature drops at night and, they are also perfect for spring and autumn.

Trenchcoats are a classic piece, and in my opinion, everyone needs one in their wardrobe. It’s just so chic, elegant en versatile. I looked up some beautiful and affordable ones and linked them down below.

9. Leather Pieces – I’m a Big leather Fan!

I love everything leather. It is chic, elegant, feminine, sexy and edgy at the same time. I love to wear one leather piece with more neutral and smooth materials, but an all-leather look is something I also adore. Autumn/winter is the perfect time for leather pieces. It can be so hot, and that’s why it’s not the best material to wear during summer.

There are a few leather pieces I think everyone should have in their wardrobe and that is a black leather jacket (still on the hunt for the perfect one myself), a pair of black leather trousers and a leather midi skirt. If you want to expend this category in your wardrobe, I would also invest in a cute leather dress, a leather bodysuit a long sleeve top and a leather blazer. I think black leather pieces are a must, but if you want to spice it up you can go and play around with coloured and printed leather pieces. Which leather item is your go-to item for Autumn?

10. Satin Dresses

If there is one super feminine piece in your wardrobe besides your lingerie, it is a satin dress. They are so classic and chic. Besides that, I love to play around with them. They are perfect for layering, and you can wear them in a lot of different ways. For autumn I love to layer it with a leather jacket, an oversized knitted sweater or with a puffy-sleeved top underneath. To stick with staple pieces, a black satin dress is the way to go. One thing that you should keep in mind is that satin dresses can be unflattering. So you should try them on and see which shape is flattering for your body. If you are looking for some inspiration on how to wear Satin dresses. I made a styling video showing 12 ways to wear a black satin slip dress.

11. Knee Boots

If you want to get autumn-ready Knee boots can’t be missed. Besides, Who doesn’t love knee boots? They look fabulous and keep your legs warm. They give that autumnal feeling and get’s you in that headspace. You can wear knee boots with almost everything. I love to wear them with skirts and dresses, but you can also wear them with jeans and smart trousers. I’m more a fan of heeled boots, but they are not always that practical when it comes to the weather during autumn. So getting a good pair of flat knee boots is not a bad idea.

With this, as with almost everything, you can invest a lot of money in a good quality designer pair of boots, but high streets shops are doing a great job in designing good quality knee boots for an affordable price. Stores like Zara, Mango and Omoda, have a beautiful boots collection. Down below, I linked a few of my favourite pairs that I found on the high street.

12. Faux Fur Bags

I have seen a lot of faux fur bags lately, and I think they are damn cute. Besides that, you can cuddle your bag the entire day if you want to, the perfect cuddle partner — Oké, back to the fashion part of this. Faux fur coats are already a thing for a few seasons now, and the faux fur bag is getting on trend this season. They are statement accessories and can upgrade your outfit in a second. I linked a few cute ones down below.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think of the pieces and trends down below. Which pieces are you buying to get your wardrobe autumn-ready? Let me know!

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