GoodieBox NL - January Box 'Me, Myself and I'
09 februari 2020 

GoodieBox NL - January Box 'Me, Myself and I'

My second beauty related blog post is a fact. Today’s post is about some new beauty products I tried, and I’m going to tell you more about my Nighttime routine. I also filmed a ‘Get ready with me’ video for the makeup look I wore to my grandma’s birthday. As promised, more beauty related content will be on my blog and Instagram. You can find all the beauty-related content under the tap “Beauty.”

GoodieBox NL

In my first beauty-related blog post, I told you about my collaboration with GoodieBox. This post is also in partnership with them. Because some of you might not have read my previous post about GoodieBox, I will tell you a little bit more about the company. GoodieBox NL is a company that creates ‘Goodieboxes’. The boxes are filled with beauty-related products. You can get a subscription and receive a box each month. Every month has a specific theme, and all the products inside are related to that theme. The subscription is € 19,95 a month, and you get a box full of beauty-related products with a minimum value of 65 euros.

I love this concept because you give yourself a treat every month. Another thing I also really like is the fact that you can try out new products, get to know new brands and discover new beauty products you maybe never thought of using or trying.

I have received the January Box, and this month’s theme is ‘Me, Myself and I’. It was all about giving yourself a little bit more attention. The box was filled with some amazing new products that I have been using every day since I received them. Down below, I will tell you more about the products.

If you would love to get a subscription as well, check out their website to learn more about the brand and their service.

BADgal BANG! Mascara – Benefit Cosmetics

I think almost every woman uses mascara, at least when you don’t have lash extensions. Mascara was the first makeup that I ever used, and I have used it every day until I started to get lash extensions. I still use mascara a lot for the lashes under my eye and when most of my lashes fell off.

The box of January contained a mascara from Benefit Cosmetics. The mascara has a volumising effect, and it’s filled with aero particles. These particles are lightweight, perfect for your lashes. The brush is made out a smooth material and has short ‘hairs’. I love these type of brushes. I prefer them over hairy brushes because when I use those, my lashes always stick together. In the video down below, you can see how the mascara looks on. I have used it for in my ‘get ready with me video’.

Get Ready With me – Grandma’s Birthday

N PUR3 – Nourishing Booster Serum – de_CURE

Another great product is the Nourishing Booster Serum from de CURE. I hadn’t heard about this brand before. This is something I really like about the Goodiebox concept. You discover new brands and amazing new products. deCure is a high-end skincare brand located in Stockholm.

“Clean high-tech skincare for the modern-day woman/man that do not settle for ordinary. Exceptional results – without the junk in skincare.


This High-end serum is a skin booster. It brings back the balance of your skin and gives you a fantastic glow. It also improves your collagen production, and it let your skin not only look but feel like new again. You have to use it before your day cream. After the first time, I already felt the difference in my skin.

DETOX Oxygen Light Cream – Naobay

The next product is the DETOX Oxygen Light Cream from Naobay. It is a light cream full of antioxidants and other amazing components like green tea, raspberries and aloe vera. It’s a moisturising booster and hydrates your skin perfectly. It also protects your skin from harmful substances.

This cream might be my favourite product of the January Box. I have integrated this cream into my daytime and nighttime routine, and it’s a miracle. My skin really likes this cream, and it feels amazing when I put it on. I also see a lot of difference when it comes to skin irregularities. Because my skin is so light-toned, you can see almost everything. So spots or other skin irregularities are clearly visible, and this cream has definitely reduced them.

Moon Pads – GLOV

Cleaning your face is so essential, especially when you use makeup every day. These Moon Pads from GLOV make the first step a lot easier. You can use these pads to remove your makeup. You can use them with just water, a tonic or oil. I have used them with just water to remove my first layer of makeup, and I’m a fan. The makeup really comes off, and I love the fact that you can use it over and over again. After I have used it, I put it in the washing machine and use it again when it’s clean.

The pads are a perfectly sustainable way of cleaning your face. Besides that, they are really soft, perfect to use on your skin.

Hand Cream – Ivy Aïa

The last product in the January Box is the Handcream from Ivy Aïa. As you might know, I work in a restaurant, so I wash my hands a lot. This is a great thing when it comes to hygiene but not for the moisture content of my hands. You can imagine that I need to use hand cream to keep them moisturised and soft. So hand creams are always welcome.

Ivy Aïa is an allergy certified and 100% vegan skincare brand, made by Danish pharmacists. The fact that it is 100% vegan is a big plus. I also love the fact that its allergy certified. The cream contains cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamin E and it has 0% perfume in it.

I have used the cream multiple times before I go to sleep and my hands loved it. The cream keeps my hands moisturised and soft.

My Night Time Routine

I have filmed a Night Time routine Video. I integrated three products from the January box in my night time routine. The Moon pads from GLOV, the DETOX Oxygen Light Cream from Naobay and the Hand Cream from Ivy Aïa. You can check out the video down below.

It is so important to give yourself a little more attention ones in a while. We live in a world that keeps going, and it’s time to hit pause. Make time for yourself because you deserve it. Want to give yourself a little extra? Go to GoodieBox and get yourself a subscription. Make the first box your starting point of taking some time for yourself!

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