GoodieBox NL - December Box 'From Me To Me'
12 januari 2020 

GoodieBox NL - December Box 'From Me To Me'

Today a different blog post than usual. Today’s blog post is about beauty products, routines and hacks. Knowing you guys love to learn more about my beauty routines, favourite products and beauty secrets, more beauty content had to come to the Blog and Instagram. This is why I’m going to share more beauty related content from now on. You can find all the beauty-related content under the tap “Beauty.”

I love to try out new products, play around with different ones and put together new routines. Especially skincare is something that I’m passionate about because I have had pretty bad and sensitive skin in the past. I thought it was time to share more about my favourite products, my special routines and hacks and share with you how and why they change.

GoodieBox NL

I’m excited to share with you a new collaboration. I have partnered up with GoodieBox NL. GoodieBox NL is a company that creates ‘Goodieboxes’. The boxes are filled with beauty-related products. You can get a subscription and receive a box each month. Every month has a specific theme, and all the products inside are related to that theme. The subscription is 19,95 a month, and you get a box full of beauty-related products with a minimum value of 65 euros.

I love this concept because you firstly treat yourself every month with some fantastic beauty products. Secondly, it’s an amazing surprise for yourself every month. I also really love the concept because you can try out new products, get to know new brands and discover new beauty products you maybe never thought of using or trying.

I have received the December Box, and this month’s theme was ‘From Me to Me. It was all about you and making time for yourself. The box contained different products for the perfect ‘Me-Time.’ Down below, I will tell you more about the products, what I love about them, how my skin reacted on them, and what they did for me.

If you would love to get a subscription as well, check out their website to learn more about the brand and their service.

UC Natural – Mango Sugar Body Scrub

I loveeeeee body scrubs. I use them because they are so good for your skin and give you a baby skin again. But it is also perfect when you use fake tan, as I do. After a few days, I want to get my tan fixed again, but first I have to get rid of the old one. I mostly use a body scrub, tan remover and exfoliating gloves. This way, my skin is clean and ready for a new tan.

One thing, this scrub, the smell, IT IS AMAZING. The first time I opened it, I wanted to eat it. It smells like Mango, and when some products say they do, but they actually don’t, this one smells like you have a real mango in front of you. Besides the smell I love the packaging, it is a perfect travel size, and the texture is lovely. It’s a handmade sugar body scrub full of amazing ingredients like olive and grapeseed oil, cocoa butter, beeswax and fruit oils. The blend of these ingredients is perfect for gently removing keratinised particles. It also stimulates, metabolism in the skin and its good for the blood circulation. I loved the scrub, and my skin felt amazing after using it.

Phase Zero Makeup – Metal Foil Eyeshadow

The Phase Zero Eyeshadow is one of my favourite products in this box. Why? Because it was perfect for my new year’s makeup look. The gold colour is beautiful, and I love a gold eyeshadow with a red lip, this is my go-to makeup look when I have to go somewhere festive or have a special occasion. This eyeshadow is a perfect fit for me because I use this colour a lot and this sparkly one is just perfect. What I also love about it is the fact that its a creamy eyeshadow. This way, it will last longer and give you a deeper colour.

A tip from GoodieBox, don’t use a brush when you want to apply the eyeshadow, use your fingers. I have mixed it with some other neutral colours for my new year’s makeup look and made a video of me showing how I did this look. If you want to see what makeup look, I created check out the video down below.

Niré beauty – Plush Powder Brush

Another makeup related product. I also used this brush to create my new year’s makeup look and have used it ever since. The brush is really soft and that makes it lovely to use on your skin. I use it for my blush and bronzer, and I have also used it for my finishing powder and to give my makeup the last blend. I love the softness of the brush, and the fact that it has a sparkled is a fantastic bonus.

Moshi Moshi Mind – Hair Towel

Hair towels are, in my opinion, one of the most practical beauty inventions there are. I love to use hair towels, and I have used them as long as I can remember. What I love about them is that that are not heavy and they don’t fall off. When I use a regular towel to dry my hair, it is either too small, so it keeps falling off, or it’s so big it gives me a headache and also falls off when I move. What I love about the Moshi Moshi one is the fabric. This fabric drys your hair quickly and without getting too heavy. Besides that, the material is soft, and it is pink, so that is a cute bonus.

Hair towels are an easy and quick way to dry your hair and get all the other things done at the same time. Another top from GoodieBox, use a hair mask, put on the hair towel and sleep with it. After washing your hair in de morning, it will feel like silk.

Jorgobé – Refreshing Scrub Mask

This scrub is amazing. You can use this product as a mask and a cleanser, and I did both. The scrub contains a lot of amazing ingredients as black jojoba, apricot kernel oil and Menthol. It is perfect for eliminating dead skin cells, excess oils and skin irregularities. It cleanses your skin deeply and transforms it. After using the mask, my skin felt super clean, really soft and hydrated. To show you how my skin looked before I used the mask and after I created a Me-Time Video. In this video, I tell more about how it feels on my skin and what it did for me. If you want to know more about the Jorgobé scrub, check out the video down below.

2020 is all about YOU. Creating more time for you, doing more things you love, letting things go that are not good for you. The new year is all about doing good for YOU. And there is no better way to start this with treating yourself to some amazing beauty products each month. Are you ready to give yourself a surprise present every few weeks? If you are going to GoodieBox and get yourself a subscription. You won’t be sorry, I Promise.

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