I stole his clothes again
07 december 2018 

I stole his clothes again

oversized clothes
| Blazer: Zara | T-shirt: Mooi! Company | Jeans: Primark | Shoes: Zara|

First, I was a big fan of fitting clothes. I wasn’t that much into oversized clothing. I thought it made you look less feminine, bigger and shorter. But nowadays I’m obsessed with oversized clothing. I’m not sure what made me go 180 on this but now I’m mostly dressed in oversized pieces. My favourite pieces? Big sweaters and coats, especially now, when it’s cold I love to wear cosy and bigger clothing. Another thing I like to do now is stealing my boyfriend’s clothes. I love to wear his blazers, tees and sweaters. They’re not only gorgeous but also so comfortable. I sometimes even steal his coats.

This time I’m wearing his blazer. I linked some gorgeous men’s blazers down below. They’re also really cool with some leather leggings and white sneakers.

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