In love with Volants
04 augustus 2018 

In love with Volants

Who doesn’t love a good statement blouse? Well, I definitely do! This trend is going on for a while and I think it will never go away. The statement blouse is a piece that can upgrade a boring outfit to a fashionable and chic one. When I’m wearing a statement blouse I like to keep my other pieces more basic. I combined this statement blouse from H&M with beautiful white trousers from Zara.

Summer look

Another trend I really love is the combination of pink and red. Yeah, I know I just told you that I like to keep the rest of my outfit more basic when I’m wearing a statement blouse … but I really love this trend and this bag .. oh and this shoes .. so I made an exception. I think it’s a really cute combination and makes the entire outfit pop.

How do you style your statement blouse? Let me know, I always love to see different ways to style some of my favourite wardrobe pieces.

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