Mom Jeans


Never Say Never 

I’ll be honest with you, me wearing mom jeans, didn’t happen overnight. I’m that type of girl who has always said: “I’m never going to wear mom jeans”. Heres the thing, I always thought they wouldn’t fit me and that I would look like a guy. But, I got bored with always wearing skinny jeans, so I needed to try something different and rethought the mom jeans. 

I ordered these mom jeans, at Zara. First, I ordered them in the wrong size. Thought ordering a size down would make them look less baggy, but then I couldn’t close the zipper. When I got the right size, I tried them on and asked Rick, what he thought about them.



You know that face? The one you have, when you’re not convinced about something? I think every girl has a certain one when they’re not entirely convinced. When I was trying these mom jeans, I had that look on my face.

Rick told me he liked the jeans, so I gave them another go. I styled the jeans and took another look in the mirror. This time, I actually fell in love with them. Later I also bought a pair of black mom jeans. 

What do you think about mom jeans? Underneath you can find some links to different types of mom jeans. 

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