My Favourite Faux leather pants on the Internet
01 maart 2019 

My Favourite Faux leather pants on the Internet

Faux leather pants are one of my favourites things. Faux leather pieces are clothing items I’m obsessed with in general. As you already know, I like to mix and match different materials and leather is one of my favourites to use. I think it gives your outfit more depth and gives it a certain vibe. If you dress faux leather up with heels and a lace bodysuit, it gives your look a chic and sexy appearance. If you dress it down with some sneakers and a big sweater the leather pants add some femininity and edge.

You have so many different faux leather trousers at the moment. You can find, faux leather leggings, joggers, paper bag trousers, mom jeans, skinny jeans and more. Not only different shapes and sizes are available, but you can also buy them in different colours and prints. In this post, I’ll show you my favourite faux leather pants on the internet.

1. Leather Leggings

Perfect for big knits and oversized blouses and shirts. Faux leather leggings are a staple, especially during autumn and winter. They’re also really cool with a lace bodysuit, some heels and a blazer for date night.

2. Leather Paper bag trousers

Paper bag trousers are maybe my favourite one. They’re flattering and comfy. Faux leather ones are even better. I love to wear these with something tugged in and a low sneaker. The ones I bought from Nakd, are amazing. I linked some other gorgeous ones down below.

3. Leather Mom jeans

Mom jeans are also a comfortable jeans/trousers to wear. Made from faux leather, they add a lot more to your outfit and upgrade them immidiatly. This makes your casual outfit look more put togheter and adds more texture too. Faux leather mom jeans are gorgeous with a basic tee, or strap top. They’re also cool with a hoodie and blazer or an oversized blouse. Underneath you can find the onces that are on my wishlist.

4. Leather Skinny jeans

The faux leather skinny has been on the market for quite a while. I think with all the faux leather trousers, but with this one, in particular, you have to check out the material. Don’t buy them if they are too shiny, or matt or plastic look-a-like. They’ll look cheap and a little trashy, in my opinion. Make sure, the material looks chic and elegant, otherwise your outfit won’t come together as you want it to be.

5. Leather Joggers

Joggers, you know how happy I’m now, that you can wear them outside your house. That they also appeared in faux leather materials is even more exciting. This gives the all-time favourite jogger a little bit more edge and makes it even more suitable for casual outfits. This ones are killing it on instagram and are making a real statement in the fashion industry.

6. The Leather Flares

I wore flared jeans when I was little. Then flares were not fashionable at all. Everyone was growing into ‘the skinny’ jeans at the time. When they finally came back into fashion, I was thrilled. Faux leather flares, especially high waisted Cullotes, are statement trousers you need. They’re gorgeous with a see-through top, a lace bodysuit or basic tee and heels, put a blazer over it and you look fab! If it’s still cold where you’re at, then style it with an oversized sweater. Or wear it with a cardigan, basic tee and some sneakers. This will make a gorgeous outfit, as well!

7. Sexy Leather

Besides all the faux leather trousers that are perfect to integrate into your daily wardrobe, they’re also some sexy ones on the market that are perfect for date night or a night out with your friends. I call them Sexy Leather. These trousers have a sexy shape and a more shiny material. It looks a little like latex but then a more expensive an thicker material. These are amazing with v-neck blouses and bodysuits.

8. Edgy Leather

If you want to add even more edge to your look, you have to find faux leather trousers with some cool hardware and details. A lot of zippers pockets or textures make the trousers look, edgier. Not my thing perse, but they can make your outfit when you want a certain vibe.

9. Printed Leather

Printed faux leather trousers are growing on me. Faux leather and printed? Yes Yes Yes! I’m not a girl who wears a lot of bright colours and prints, but they’re amazing faux leather trousers on the market, with the most beautiful prints, that you need!

What I love about these, is that your outfit doesn’t need a lot more than to make your look complete. If prints aren’t your thing but you still want to try these type of trousers. Go with a more balanced print in a neutral colour palette and style it only with basics from your wardrobe. This way you’ll maintain you’re balanced and casual style.

10. Colored Leather

I already told you that they come in all shapes and sizes. But also coloured leather, is making a statement right now. Coloured faux leather adds another layer to this piece and makes it more flexible in styling. Why? Mostly faux leather trousers are black and that almost every time gives your look a certain dark, chic, edgy and sexy vibe. When you’re faux leather trousers are soft pink, it makes it still chic and a little sexy but less edgy and dark. This way you can integrate it even easier into your daily outfits.

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