New Favourite Accessory - Nice Guy Freddie
25 maart 2019 

New Favourite Accessory - Nice Guy Freddie

I want to talk to you guys about my new favourite accessory. If you follow me on Instagram and have seen my stories you know that I drove over my phone a few weeks ago.

Oooops …

I was on my way to the city with my mum and dad, to check out some shops and grab a cup of coffee and when we got home, I couldn’t find my phone. My mom and I drove back to the places we had been parked the car and walked back every step we took that day. When we couldn’t find it, I feard the worst. At that moment, my dad called. He had been called by two girls. The girls found my phone and wanted to meet to give it back to me. I was so relieved that they found my phone.

They gave me my phone back, but it was completely broken. I knew now that my phone probably fell out of the car when we got out to grab a cup of coffee, fell under the car and when we drove away we drove right over it.

Nice Guy Freddie

After this happened, I got this phone necklace from Nice Guy Freddie. I won it with a give away from a blogger friend of mine. I have used it so much since that. This way it can’t fall out of the car again and I have my hands free and my phone close at the same time. Love Love Love!

If you are as clumsy as I am or you like to go to festivals or have you hands-free while shopping? Then is The Nice Guy Freddie Phone necklace also your favourite new accessory. They have it in different colours and for different models. Check out their Instagram and/or website. I also linked the necklaces down below. Get your own Freddie!

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