New Hair

I did it! I cut my hair and coloured it white/grey and love love love it. My hair is very straight, and when it gets too long, it loses volume. When that happens I don’t like to wear it down anymore. I tried a lot of products, but nothing works. When I cut it, the volume comes back, and it looks healthier. I also think it looks a little bit more put together too. Besides cutting my hair, I also wanted to colour it for a long time. I was thinking about a white/silver colour but was scared to go through with it. Now I finally did it. I regret not doing it earlier. Team Kappers Gorichem did a great job, and although I had to sit there for almost 4 hours, it was worth it!

I love the look of it and what it does to my skin colour. I think I’m going to stick to this hairstyle for a while. What do you think about this look? Let me know in the comments down below.

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