| Sweater: Primark | Blouse: Zara | Jeans: Zara | Shoes: FOLC Studios | Bag: Zara |

Life of a Petite Girl

Because I’m a petite girl, there is one thing I always do. I’m always searching for shoes that make me look longer. Yes, heels are perfect, but not great for every occasion. Besides, I want different shoe types. 

Platforms are amazing because they are comfortable to walk in and you also add a few centimetres to your length. I can’t get enough of these from FOLC Studios. I bought them almost a year ago and still wear them often. What I like about platforms is that they give your outfit an edgy vibe. The sole of the shoes become a statement piece and looks pretty impressive. My platforms have two different layers put together. There is a white one and a light brown one. On top of that, the shoe is metallic. What is not to love?

Do you have platforms yet or do you want a pair? I’ll put some gorgeous platforms down below so you can get your own.

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