Polka Dots
| Top: Loavies | Skirt: Bershka Collection | Shoes: Zara | 

Polka Dots made a big comeback this season. A lot of people, including me hesitated to wear this print. I personally thought I couldn’t pull it off and I would look childish and oldfashioned. But, there are so many ways to style and pull off Polka Dots that makes you look elegant and classic yet modern and trendy. Now I can’t get enough of this trend.

I have different items with this print. They’re a lot of designs and styles out right now, which makes it easy to incorporate this trend into your style. If you don’t like big and bold Polka Dots you can always look for smaller ones or prints, that are mixed with Polka Dots. You have to look for items that fit your style and make you feel confident.

What do you think about this trend and how did you incorporate it into your wardrobe? Underneath you can find some links to similar pieces from this outfit. I also added some links to gorgeous Polka Dots items!

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