Ripped Jeans
h&m jeans
| Sunglasses: Forever21 | Sweater: Zara | Jeans: H&M | Shoes: Nike – Zalando | Bag; Asos | 

I bought this ripped/destroyed jeans at H&M. I was looking for the perfect mom jeans with ripped details and found it. They add a lot more texture to your outfit and make it more interesting. I love them, but I also think you can’t wear them for every occasion. For example, I wouldn’t wear ripped jeans to a business meeting or an important family visited. If I go shopping, are working from home or have a drink with my friends, I would definitely wear them. I love to wear them with nude, white, black or with a denim blouse. Check out my Instagram to see how I styled these jeans or check out my other blog posts. If you want to recreate this look, i put the links down below. 

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