Stole my boyfriends clothes today
03 november 2018 

Stole my boyfriends clothes today

Boyfriend jeans
| Blouse: Zara | Jeans: Zara | Bag: Zara | Shoes: FILA | Sunglasses: H&M |

Comfy is my fave and I love oversized things because let’s be honest, they are so comfy to wear. I also love my boyfriend. And when we are both busy with work and don’t see each other much, although we live together, I love to wear his clothes. It Makes me feel close to him. To tell you one of my secrets, I mostly spray some of his perfume on it what makes that feeling even stronger. But I’m getting off topic. I love oversized because it’s comfy and I think it gives a certain vibe to an outfit.  Although a lot of people think it isn’t flattering to wear oversized clothes it can be super flattering. Besides, I feel good in them, so why not wear it.

For this outfit, I went casual, a white blouse from my boyfriend and some denim mom jeans. I put on some chunky white sneakers from FILA and my favourite transparent bag from Zara. Done and Done, ready to do what I needed to do today.  Next time, I probably wear one of his big sweaters. If you want to recreate this look, I put some links to similar pieces down below.

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