Suit Up
| Suit: H&M | Tee: Mooi! Company | Bag: Zara | Shoes: Nike – Zalando |Sunglasses: Forever21  | Earrings: Forever21 | 

The pantsuit has been here for some time now. Women all over the world have been rocking this look. What I love about pantsuits is that they make you look powerful and feminine at the same time. I think pantsuits are bold and sexy. Besides, they make a fashionable statement. As you already know I love blazers, so a pantsuit is a perfect fit for me.

Pantsuits are pieces you can be creative with. First, you can wear the blazer and the trousers together as a matching power suit, but you can also wear them separately. This way you can wear these items in many ways without thinking, something girls who love fashion mostly think, “I’m wearing the same thing again”. You can wear the blazer with some jeans or a cute skirt, the trousers with a big knit or a basic white tee and even when you wear it togheter you can go for a chic look with heels and a blouse or a more casual one by wearing it with sneakers and a basic tee. 

Power Suit

Not everyone feels comfortable wearing a pantsuit. Understandable, but if I’m honest, I think you need to try at least one pantsuit. You can play with it and style it the way you like it. I linked some gorgeous ones down below. 

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