Sunny Trip to Saint Aygulf with my best friend
20 augustus 2019 

Sunny Trip to Saint Aygulf with my best friend

After a busy year with a lot of changes and no time for travelling, I booked a sunny trip to Saint Aygulf with my best friend. We did it kind of last minute and were exciting to go together. Saint Aygulf is a place in Southern France. It lays at the Mediterranean Sea and is located in a part of France where you can do almost everything. You can do water activities, play the adventurer, visit all kinds of gorgeous and old towns, lay on the beach and drink cocktails, go to Monaco and Saint Tropez, make perfume in Grass and Kajak down on of the most beautiful rivers from Europe.

We only got five nights, so only four full days and tried to see the most of what was possible in this amount of time. We also booked this trip to relax, so we spent most of our afternoons on the beach. I must say Saint Aygulf and everything it has to offer enchanted me. We had the most amazing time!


Van der Valk – Saint Aygulf

Planning & Packing my Outfits

I’m an Organised packer an I always pack too much too. When I start packing, I first make a list of everything I need to bring with me. I check how many days and nights I’m staying and then calculate how many outfits I possibly need. After that, I add the number of day/night/workout/beach or any other outfits to that list. When I made a beginning of my list, I put it somewhere where I can add things to it so that I won’t forget. After I finished my list, I start packing.

Yes I know, very organised but I love it. I also create my outfits before I pack them. So I put together the number of outfits I need to bring, accessorise them and then take a picture of the outfit on my phone. This way, I don’t have to think about my outfits when I’m on my holiday. I open my gallery on my phone and pick an outfit (I feel like wearing). It’s really organised, but I love to pack this way, and I hardly forget something when I pack like this.

Pic’s on my camera roll when I’m packing for a trip
(this is just a small portion of what I packed)

Roadtrip to Saint Aygulf

We were driving to Saint Aygulf. We thought it would be nice to make it a little road trip as well. This way we expended our holiday, saw a lot of beautiful surrounding and relax and not rush to get to our location. We made a plan to drive 800 kilometres on day one then stay at a hotel and drive the last 500 kilometres the next day. To make sure everything was ok, I got my car checked out and goto all the things we needed to drive through France fixed. The road trip started great. We hade some delicious drinks and snack packed for on the way, and when you are on the road for so many hours you laugh, cry, talk and not talk to each other. Perfect best friend time and we saw a lot of beautiful France.

Car Trouble

After driving a few hours, my car started acting weird, and we were thinking the worst. Because we didn’t want to cry for help to soon we kept on driving. The car got worse and worse, but nothing alarming was going on, at least we thought. We drove all the way, to our first hotel and then started to do some research. Quickly we concluded that the car was severely broken and we couldn’t drive it anymore. After this, we came at the point where our vacation mode went off, and our working mode came on. We needed to arrange a lot of things to get to our final destination and to get my car fixed. Making a very long story short, my car got towed away, we arranged a rental car, took an uber to get to the rental car, and from there we drove to Saint Aygulf.

Adonis Hotel Villefranche – Ambiance Hotel Limas

Our first hotel was a little hotel in an old town called Limas. The hotel was ok, and the rooms were fine. We were happy to have a bed and shower after a lot of stress that day. We checked in, and the staff from the hotel helped us tremendously although their English was really bad. They helped us with getting transportation to the rental services and also helped us to find a quality rental service. Besides that, we could stay in our room a little longer to take care of everything. We had a stressful but lovely dinner when we arrived, and the breakfast buffet was delicious. It’s an excellent hotel to spent the night for a driveway.

Adonis Hotel Villefranche – Ambiance Hotel Limas (The First Stop)

On the road again

After a “good” night sleep, we gave ourselves some time for a delicious breakfast. After breakfast, we started to arrange all the things we needed to, to get to Saint Aygulf. When we rented a car, packed our stuff, checked out and ordered an Uber we were on the road again. When we arrived at the car rental service, we rented our car at Alamo, and the people that work there were lovely and helpful. We got a new car and were exciting to get back to our little road trip.

Van der Valk – Saint Aygulf

After another 5 hour drive, we were finally here and what a dream. The entire surroundings, the people, the food, the weather and the whole vibe there was amazing. You instantly got the holiday feeling, and you forgot everything that happened that day and the day before.

We had a great room with a cute balcony. After checking in, we brought our luggage to the room and unpacked. The room had a light and clean interior what was lovely with the hot temperatures.

After checking in, we changed and went downstairs to the hotel terras to enjoy some snacks and a delicious cocktail. We booked a wellness arrangement with a massage for both of us included. After snacks and drinks, we went back to the room and got ready for our wonderful massage. We ended our night on the hotel terras for dinner and drinks. The food was delicious, the pasta I got, wow, was sooooo good!

Day 1 – Saint Aygulf

The first day we visited Saint Auygulf itself. We walked around, checked out some cute shops, drank some sparkling water and made some plans for the upcoming days.

Beach Club – Blue & Blanc

One other great thing about this hotel, the beach club. They have one right next to the hotel. As a hotel guest, you can rent sunbeds there and chill on the beach. You can order drinks and food, so you get to relax to the fullest. You can imagine we spent most of our afternoons on those beds.

Time for some good food, cocktails and sun!

Evening/Night Market – Fréjus

After being lazy on the beach all day we went back to our room, took a shower, changed and went to Fréjus for some pizza and the well known the evening market. You could buy all kinds of things there. They sold accessories, bags, souvenirs and even food and drinks. I bought the cutest bag, and we got some presents for the family.

Day 2 – Historical Centre of Fréjus

The second day we went to the Historical Centre of Fréjus. The centre was insanely gorgeous. You could feel the history there, and the building and streets were so cute and still in the old state.

After our visit to the historical centre of Fréjus, we went back to the hotel got changed and went for lunch. This time we had lunch at the hotel. Again the food was delicious.

Beach club – Blue & Blanc Part 2

The next stop of Day 2 was, of course, the beach. I mean, it was so beautiful and relaxed to chill on the beach and the food… was soooo good. We had some delicious ice cream and bitterballen.

Dining with Live Music – Van der Valk Saint Aygulf

The staff at the hotel was very kind, and the food was so good that we decided to have dinner at the hotel too. When we arrived at the hotel terras, we discovered there was live music, and this was just amazing. The vibe was insane, relax and chill. We had a 3-course menu and enjoyed every bite of it. After dinner comes drinks and again one amazing, they had ended in Saint Aygulf.

Day 3 – Saint Tropez

The third day we paid a visit to Saint Tropez. If you are in this part of France, you need to go there. It’s one of those places you need to see. The city is beautiful and has such a historical and romantic appearance. Of course, you need to take a look at the enormous yachts and boats in the Saint Tropez port and walk by all the designer shops. Besides all the wealth and richdom you see t we there, we were also amazed by the beauty the town. If you walk through the little streets and take a look at the architecture, you will see the story the town has to tell.

Discovering dreamy places

We walked the charming little streets and found an amazing place while exploring the city. There was a small alley with a round arch at the end. You could see the water from the street. We walked over there and came on a little beach with a path along the water. We just sat on one of the rocks in the water and enjoyed the beauty and peace this place gave us. It was unreal!

Searching for some Pasta

We wanted to eat some pasta. We both craved it so bad. But we also wanted to eat somewhere elks than the hotel. We walked around and checked several restaurants, but none had a delicious plate of pasta. Because no one had a delicious plate of pasta, we decided to go back to the hotel and just ordered the amazing pasta I had the first night. While we were walking back to the hotel, I saw my moms best friend. What are the odds? You can imagine it was hilarious to see here there. We talked for a while and made a photo as proof to my mom that I saw her best friend on vacation.

Day 4 – Saint Raphaël

The last day we went to Saint Raphaël. We met some charming people the night we went to Fréjus, and they told us about the Port of Saint Raphaël and how gorgeous it was, and they were right. Saint Raphael was again such a beautiful city with a lot of cute restaurants, adorable boutiques, friendly people and beautiful historical buildings. We first went for a walk around a lovely market next to a bridge. After that, we did a little shopping.

The Ferris wheel

On the boulevard of Saint Raphaël, there was a Ferris Wheel. I’m afraid of heights, but we had seen this Ferris wheel from the beach at Saint Aygulf all week, and we both wanted to see the view, so we went for it. The view was amazing. You could see whole Saint Raphaël, the beautiful port and the ocean. It was magical.

When in the Ferris wheel I saw a beautiful cathedral and wanted to visit it. After the Ferris wheel, we walked the boulevard and went to the cathedral and lightened a candle for my grandpa. Lighting a candle is something I always do when I visit a church. After that, we went for some more shopping and cooled off on a little terras in the middle of Saint Raphaël. After our pitstop, we went for some grocery shopping, yes grocery shopping. We were already preparing our way back because this was our last day.

Beach Club – Blue & Blanc Part 3

When we came back from Saint Raphaël, we went to our room and changed for another fantastic day at the beach. We ordered some delicious lunch and drank some cocktails. The weather was so good we just chilled in the sun and took a swim. The beach club was definitely one of our favourite spots in Saint Aygulf.

Last Nights Dinner

We had some more live music during our last dinner and the food was terrific. We enjoyed our last night and spoke to a lot of the staff from the hotel to say goodbye. I think we were the most talked-about guests in the hotel. That was probably our fault because we can’t behave 24/7. But we had a lot of fun. After dinner, we did some drinks, said goodbye and packed our bags.

Day 5 – The Departure

We were so sad to leave. The sad feeling already started the last day. We enjoyed the entire trip so much. We even thought about expanding our stay, but that would be so much trouble because we needed to bring the rental car back and pick up my car from the garage. So we decided to keep on schedule. We relished our last breakfast and packed the car. Talking about breakfast. The breakfast buffet was DELICIOUS, like all the food.

Of course, our way back wasn’t all smooth, because that wouldn’t be possible with Liset and me. We barely made it to the rental service on time because the traffic was terrible even though we calculated 2 hours more for our drive back. When we finally arrived at the rental service, we ordered another Uber to get to the garage where my car was.

The man from the Uber wanted us to cancel the order on Uber and pay him directly. He was quite shady, so we decided not to go with him. But we still needed a right to my car. So we decided to order a taxi. Way more expensive but we had no choice. When we finally got to the garage, I was soooo happy to get in my own car again. We already decided to go to Macdonalds on our way back. So we did. After our dinner party, we drove to our hotel in Nancy.

The Cottage Hotel – Nancy

AfteAfter another long drive, with terrible traffic and the shady man from Uber, we were happy to arrive at the hotel. This cute cottage hotel was so adorable. The entire interior was the 50s and 60s inspired, and the rooms were cosy and clean. The bathrooms got renovated, and I really enjoyed my shower after 12 hours in the car. After checking in, we took our bags to the room, drank something downstairs and took a long shower and went to bed. We were so tired after that day.

After a GOOD night sleep. This one was actually good; we had a delicious breakfast. For a small hotel, their breakfast was insanely good. You had so many things to choose from and all fresh. After breakfast, we checked, packed our bags and started our last drive home. Again the traffic was horrible, and the weather was even worse. We drove in dreadful rain the entire trip. You couldn’t see anything because the water was everywhere. Because of this, we stopped a lot and took our time to drinks coffee and things like to make it a fun drive back.

Back Home

After an 8 hour drive, we were back home again. Our families were waiting for us. We unpacked the car and told all our stories to the fam. After that, it was time to go back to reality. Liset had to go home, we had to unpack our bags, and our vacation was really over.

Travel Video

I made a travel video so you can see what I did when I was in Saint Aygulf with my best friend. Check it out on my IGTV. I hope you like it.

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