The Cutest Blue Bag

| Jacket: Zara | Top: Mooi! Company | Jeans: Primark | Shoes: | Anklet: Mango | Sunglasses: Croom Glasses | Bag: De Showroom Delft | Necklace: H&M |

I went to delft with my parents this weekend for their 25th wedding anniversary. We were strolling around Delft because the weather was amazing and there was a big flea market. I was also looking for new and cute little shops you don’t see in every city.

We found the cutest shop it’s called, ‘The Showroom’. They represent so many cute and unknown brands that they represent. I think that’s cool and I love those kinds of shops because you can find new brands and new items.

Croon Glasses

First, I found the nude pair of sunglasses I’m wearing. They’re from a brand called Croon Glasses. They are a smaller and relatively unknown brand based in Zaltbommel. What I love about this brand is that they offer good quality for an affordable price. They sell sunglasses and reading glasses in a lot of different shapes, colours, sizes and prints. They all come in a felt case. If you are looking for some trendy, affordable and good quality sunglasses, you should check out their website.

The Blue Bag

After I found the sunglasses, I was looking at all the other cute home decorations and jewellery when I saw the cutest little blue bag. The shape is gorgeous, and the bag is big enough to fit your essentials. You can wear it different ways, crossbody, as a belt bag and you can also use it as a makeup bag or clutch.

I loved the details of the bag en its design. They had it in many other colours too, but I fell in love with this colour because I love pastels at the moment and a blue bag was still missing in my bag collection. It is made out of real leather, with golden coloured details. The golden coloured details are the golden chain to use when you wear it as a crossbody or bumbag and the essentials that are used to close the bag and make the design.

If you are visiting Delft, you should pay a visit to ‘De Showroom’. If you want to see what kind of other brands they represent check out their Instagram.

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