The Perfect Nude Blazer - Lili Sidonio
13 mei 2019 

The Perfect Nude Blazer - Lili Sidonio

| Blazer: Lili Sidonio x Molly Bracken | White Tee: Mooi! Company | Leggings: Zara | Shoes: Zara | Anklet: Mango | Bag: Mango |
| Sunglasses: H&M | | Necklaces: Pretty Little Thing | Bracelet: Vintage |

You all know I love my neutrals. I’m also obsessed with blazers. So you won’t be surprised to know that I have different types of neutral blazers. I got hem in different styles and shades. I recently added this one from Lili Sidonio x Molly Bracken to my collection. The material is soft and a little thinner. This makes it a perfect transitional from spring to summer and from summer to autumn.

The fit and style are a little bit masculine, which I love. It has a breast pocket and tortoiseshell buttons at the front and a slit at the back. The fabric has a subtle pattern, which gives the jacket more depth. I got it in a size small, and it’s a little oversize like it should be.

Neutrals are a staple and blazers are a must-have in every wardrobe. so if you don’t have one you need to get one ASAP. I linked the pieces or similar pieces from this outfit down below.

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