The Summer Trends I'm in love with!
29 augustus 2019 

The Summer Trends I'm in love with!

There is another heatwave going on in the Netherlands, which means, summer isn’t over yet, luckily because I’m a sucker for summer clothes. Let’s talk about the summer trends I’m in love with. I love winter don’t get me wrong, because I’m obsessed with layers, but I love love love all the cute summer dresses, basket bags, shell accessories and of course cute coloured sandals. Let’s not forget. I always wear sunglasses, so that’s another reason I love summer. But what’s hot this summer? We have seen so many trends. Think about the square toe sandals/mules, the tie-dye trend, bright coloured sandals/heels, puffy sleeves, coloured lenses, and so on. I made a summary of my favourite trends this summer.

Transparent Sandals

The transparent sandals had a slow start this summer but became a real trend. I have seen so many girls wearing the Chanel PVC mules which I’m obsessed with. But if you don’t want to spend too much moment on this trend, there are so many cute affordable ones that you can add to your collection.


The anklet is one of the trends I can’t get enough of. I’m obsessed with anklets. They are so feminine, and I also think they are quite sexy. You all remember the bright coloured ones we wore when we were kids? Well, they upgraded to the next level. Now anklets are a real grown-up jewellery trend you need to integrate into your wardrobe. Many different shapes, colours and materials are now available. Think about shells, pearls, golden chains, coins, anklets with charms, and so much more.

Long Shorts

Short shorts have been replaced by long shorts this summer. We all got to meet the biker shorts, Bermuda shorts, tailored shorts and they are all a real trend at the moment. You can get a lot of different ones like paper waist shorts, smart shorts, printed shorts, denim shorts and so on. I wasn’t a big fan of short shorts in the first place so you can imagine I was happy with this trend. I love the tailored ones, especially with a paper waist so you can belt them and create an hourglass figure.

Pretty Necklines

This summer, it’s all about beautiful necklines. They are a big part of your look and determine which vibe you want to give your outfit. They are an easy way to make a statement. This season it’s all about unique and feminine necklines. The sweetheart, square, scoop and one-shoulder necklines are everything this season, and I’m personally a big fan of this trend. I particularly love the square and sweetheart necklines.

Puffy Sleeves

We already saw a lot of puffy sleeves during spring, but they are going to be an even more significant trend this season. Puffy sleeves make a real statement. From crop tops to mini dresses, blouses and even tee’s, it gives your outfit a perfect girly and playful touch.

Square toe Sandals

Square toe sandals is another one trend that’s a real favourite of mine. I’m so obsessed with square toe sandals, heeled or flat. I think they are so feminine and chic. I love the way they look and what they add to your outfit. You have them in all kinds of colours, and I love the ones with a lot of straps. These shoes are making a real comeback and are one of the trends you need to integrate into your wardrobe. If you haven’t done so, I found so many cute and affordable ones online and linked them down below for you. Top Shop and Zara have the best ones!

Cute Hair Accessories

You all seen them, cute and adorable hair accessories. Think about headbands, head scarfs, Bobi pins and clips. They come with shells, pearls, tortoiseshells print, in pastel colours and with floral prints. Make your har a party with all those cute hair accessories. Another one I have seen a lot this summer are hair charms, especially for holidays and festival season. You can easily attach them to your hair by putting them in a braid or at the front when you are wearing a ponytail. Zara does the best hair accessories.

Straw Bags

The straw bags are an all-time favourite and not really a trend. They have been a summer trend for a while now, but I’m still obsessed. That’s why I needed to add this one to my ‘favourite summer trends’ list. Straw bags come al lot of different shapes. I love the straw basket bags for summer, but I’m also obsessed with the straw crossbody. I have one from Roocy The Label, and what I love about them is that you can personalise your bag. So if you want a more personal touch, you should check them out!

Bucket Hats

The bucket hats have returned from the ’90s, and I’m crazy about it. I think its a playful touch to your outfit, and it also gives your look a more relaxed attitude. This summer, I have spotted the bucket hat worn in so many colours, prints and patterns. I saw it styled in different ways, and they have evolved into an accessory fitting everyone’s personal style. Even the haters are turning around and become lovers. I wouldn’t call me a hater, but I had to get used to this trend at first. Now I love it. You can get a straw, nylon, printed, sheer, pastel-coloured, bright-coloured, mixed-coloured – tie-dyed or a classic one.

Canvas Tote Bags

Canvas tote bags, the last trend of my favourites list. They are a real thing this summer, and it’s not a secret they are perfect for running around town all day. They are not only practical and functional but also fashion-forward. You can go grocery shopping, run from meeting to meeting, take it with you on a beach day or take it with you while travelling. I linked my favourite ones down below, both practical and fashionable.

If you want to know more about how I integrated these trends into my wardrobe and outfits check out my outfits posts and Instagram.

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