This Seasons Colour Palette
26 november 2018 

This Seasons Colour Palette

The most beautiful deep and elegant colours are making a statement this season. Fall and winter are always asking for some darker and deeper tones, especially winter. Colours that are elegant and have a luxurious appearance are the once you need to buy the upcoming weeks. This seasons colour palette consists of emerald green, deep red, fuschia pink, ultraviolet, sapphire blue, ocher yellow and shiny brown. Also, metallics are making a comeback. What I love most about these colours is that they have a chic and festive vibe to them. Perfect for dressing up with the upcoming holiday festivities. 

How to incorporate this colour palette 

An easy way to incorporate these colours into your wardrobe is adding some accessories like earrings, bags or shoes. If you want to dive into this trend, then go for some gorgeous fully toned dresses or power suits. Mixing different ones in the same outfit is something to try as well. I’m thinking about an Ultraviolet satin dress with some emerald green earrings or a deep red velvet handbag. A different outfit that popped into my head is a fuschia pink power suit and sapphire blue heels. 

The most important thing about fashion and fashion trends is that you have to make them your own. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Do something what you think is a little crazy. Mix and match new prints and colours and please fail sometimes. This is how you’ll find your own style. Besides, I think it’s a lot of fun to try and play with clothes an experiment with new trends.

 I’ve linked some beautiful pieces down below. Let me know what you think about this trend. Are you already thinking about some of these colours for Christmas, new years or another glamorous event?

Emerald Green 

Sapphire Blue 

Ruby Red & Copper Red 

Ultra Violet 

 Fuchsia Pink 

Ocher Yellow 

Shiny Browns


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