Revealing in a good way 

I have been loving the vinyl bag trend.  I feel like people might be hesitant to try this trend out because they might not be sure how to wear this without letting all their stuff reveal. A lot of women have a lot of things in their bag and don’t want to leave the important ones at home. This is why this trend asks for some creativity. You need to style the content of your bag.

I style the inside by using the same colour pallet. This will make it look serene. I also try to put in interesting pieces as well. Think about items with a beautiful appearance.

Personally, the final touch for me that makes this trend work so well, is styling it with a smaller bag inside. You can put all your things in this prevents it from revelling.  Now your bag looks more organized. A real eyecatcher.


What do you think about vinyl bags? Underneath you can find some links to similar pieces from this outfit.

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