Turtleneck Dress
| Dress: Mooi! Company | Cardigan: Mooi! Company | Boots: Missguided | Bag: Prada | Sunglasses: H&M | 

As you guys might know by now, I love turtlenecks. So, if they make a dress with a turtleneck I’m immediately obsessed. Mooi! Company does the best, turtleneck tops, turtleneck sweaters and turtleneck dresses. I have this dress in two different colours.

This time I styled it with black over knee boots and a black sleeveless cardigan. Also, the cardigan is from Mooi! Company. I did a blogpost about them a few weeks ago. You should check it out! I will style the other one soon.

These dresses are perfect for fall and winter. During fall you can wear them as I did or with some cute ankle boots. During winter you can put on a big cardigan or a chic blazer. You can also wear them without layering on and put on some cute accessories. I will do a style video and show you how I style these type of dresses soon.

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