When in Doubt wear Red
21 augustus 2018 

When in Doubt wear Red

If there is one colour I really love, it’s red. This because I think it’s the perfect colour for people with light hair and pale skin. It makes my skin pop and my hair shine.

The blazer is from Primark. The colour is amazing and the length is perfect. I personally love blazers that are longer. You can wear them with anything. I also have a black blazer from H&M with a similar length. I wear it all the time.


Red Blazer
| Blazer: Primark | Dress: Zara | Bag: Obag | Shoes: FILA | Sunglasses: H&M | 
Ice cream


What I like about this outfit, is the combination of black and red. Because these colours are each other opposites, they both stand out. (In my world black is a colour!)



I visited this cute little castle, called Loevestein. This castle is located in Woudrichem. This is a little town on the other side of the river. Although it was 30 degrees, I needed a jacket. I was travelling by boat and on there it was chilly. That’s where my jacket came in handy. My chunky sneakers completed the outfit and made it perfect for a sightseeing trip!

Underneath you can find links to similar pieces from my outfit.


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