The Foundation of your Fall/Winter Wardrobe
19 november 2018 

The Foundation of your Fall/Winter Wardrobe

Basics are the foundation of your wardrobe. Whiteout them, your wardrobe will be impractical. You’ll have problems styling outfits because they’ll look chaotic and messy. Wearing only statement pieces will look like a failed dress-up. That’s why basics are so important. Good quality pieces are worth spending your money on!

“Because a basic is what you need to shine” – Mooi! Company

Which basics you wear during spring/summer are different from the ones you wear during fall/winter. But even strappy tops or tees will come in handy during the colder days. As I told you, basics are the foundation. Think about layering or wearing it for comfort underneath your sweater or little itchy wool knit. I can’t live without them. Most of my outfits are all basics and staple pieces. I only add one or two statement pieces to an outfit. Where I get my basics? At, Mooi! Company.

Their basics are amazing. The material is soft and holds their colour. All their knitwear have cute buttons on the sleeves and a subtle printed logo on the bottom of the tops. They have good quality pieces for an affordable price. Perfect right? During fall/winter, I wear a lot of their turtlenecks and basic tees. If you’re searching for a perfect turtleneck, you found it! Go to and take a look. If you haven’t’ subscribed to the CS family yet, you should! When you do, you get a discount code for Mooi! Company. This way you can get this gorgeous turtleneck for an amazing price!

I love turtlenecks because you can style them endlessly. I wear them al the time and have them in many colours. You can wear them on their own, with a statement jacket and with a blazer. One of the fall/winter trends this year is wearing them underneath other clothing items. You can wear them underneath a blouse, dress, strappy top, cami or underneath a boiler suit. I’m obsessed with this trend. If you follow me on Instagram, you must have seen how much I love their turtlenecks. I wear them all the time. I also wrote a blog post about two of my favourite fall colour turtlenecks, the purple and red one. Stay tuned to see more turtleneck outfits.

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